Doing it Right!


Doing it right the first time saves time, energy and most importantly cost. Commitment to exceptional organization and project management are the principles of Millstone Homes, Inc.  We desire the most positive home buying experience for our customers before, during, and after the sale.


Doing it right means approaching every aspect of home building with honesty and integrity.  “Your word is your bond.”  Our interaction between customers, suppliers and sub-contractors is important to the successful completion of your home.  Every aspect of communication is approached with your satisfaction in mind.  Millstone Homes, Inc. is not only interested in building homes, but in building relationships, positive relationships that are built on the cornerstone of honesty and integrity.  Our accessibility to the customer, the supplier, and the sub-contractor are our responsibility and our desire is to be available to make sure they’re treated right and that things get done right the first time. 


Doing it right means providing your home with the highest quality products, utilizing the highest quality craftsman and trades, and the highest quality project management so you can rest assured that your home was built right.  We will be on the job everyday making sure that it is done right.  Our contractors and suppliers have clear understanding of their responsibilities and approach every phase of the building process using skills and products to produce superior results.  We believe you will recognize the difference when you enter one of our homes.


Come Inside…

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